We supply a wide range of wireless products for building reliable data and voice solutions. The range includes the following product families:

Mobile Broadband Modems

Include USB dongles and data cards connect people wirelessly to colleagues, family, and friends over 3G and 4G networks worldwide. Novatel Wireless Ovation, Novatel Wireless Merlin, BandRich BandLuxe Cxxx and Option iCON products have been recognized industry leaders for many years.

Mobile Broadband Hotspots (MiFi / Mobile WiFi)

Create a personal cloud of high-speed Internet connectivity that users can take with them and even share between multiple devices. Novatel Wireless MiFi and BandRich BandLuxe PRxx products offer a new category of mobile broadband solutions, pushing the envelope in design and performance for the next era.

Mobile Broadband Routers

Provide highly configurable and reliable wireless solutions for SOHO, enterprise and industrial applications. DOVADO, BandRich BandLuxe Rxxx, TelecomFM DataRoute and Option GlobeSurfer routers have become trusted names in the recent years.

Voice Gateways

Offer optimal wireless solutions for least cost routing of voice for small and medium-sized offices around the world. TelecomFM CellRoute, CellFax and OneStream products provide a comprehensive range covering GSM, UMTS, Fixed Line and VoIP markets.