New XYFI Firmware available (3.0.0) – Now with Files and Media

Since its announcement in Barcelona last year, Option XYFI has gone through a lot of improvements. Today XYFI has achieved a giant step in introducing the Files & Media sharing and the Media files streaming features on the device.

Current devices in the field can also benefit from these new features by doing a firmware update.

Major improvements in this release 3.0.0 are :

  • Files and Media storage over WiFi – in previous firmware versions, files stored on the microSD are only accessible when XYFI is plugged to a PC and through the USB connection, not over WiFi. This new firmware allows Files and Media content accessible over WiFi (upload and download)
  • Files and Media storage sharing – not only the files are accessible over the WiFi, they are also shareable amongst XYFI users if the administrator chooses to do so
  • Streaming – XYFI users can also stream media content stored on the microSD over WiFi. Media files means video or music files. That means that a streaming server is installed on the XYFI enabling all 8 XYFI users to stream simultaneously either on different files or on the same media file.
    Note: The streaming server can handle all popular media files. Please see document attached for the list of compatible media file formats
  • The user guide is updated to reflect the Files and Media and Streaming new features
  • A network compatibility problem is fixed in the module firmware. This problem was seen in operating the XYFI on some networks
  • Optimised support for WISPr
  • More stable firmware update when using Windows Internet Explorer

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