Option XYFI overview

Option XYFI Overview
Option XYFI Overview

The Option XYFI is the world’s smallest personal 3G WiFi hotspot with 14.4 Mbps download and 5.76 Mbps upload, concealed within the form factor of a USB 3G modem. The unit can be used either as a regular USB modem, or can optionally be used to provide wifi coverage to additional clients when connected to a PC, or can be used as a standalone wifi router without the need for a PC. Also featuring a microSD slot the XYFI can be used as a portable storage device and media server.

At a glance

When combined with its wide range of accessories, the XYFI quickly becomes

  • a WiFi router
  • a Wifi repeater
  • a file server

Ideal for use in a number of scenarios, including:

  • Construction sites
  • Business
  • Travel
  • Vehicular connectivity
  • Collaborative studying, playing, gaming
  • Mobile home
  • Secondary or temporary homes


The WiFi network created by the XYFI can operate in two modes, providing different levels of access to “trusted” users than to “guest” users, allowing trusted users to access the microSD storage whilst only allowing guests to browse the Internet, for example.

WiFi connections can be secured using WPA2 encryption and established using WPS so users do not need to remember SSID or passkey information. A maximum number of client connections can also be specified to ensure adequate Internet connection speeds.

Option XYFI Web User Interface
Option XYFI Web User Interface

SMS text messages can also be composed and managed via the XYFI’s web interface, providing pop-up notification of new messages.

Option XYFI SMS Features
Option XYFI SMS Features

The XYFI can also connect to other wireless networks, rather than mobile networks, to act as a wireless repeater, effectively extending the range of your existing wireless coverage.

Option XYFI WiFi Features
Option XYFI WiFi Features

The Media Server feature of the XYFI allows files to be uploaded to and downloaded from the microSD storage, providing mobile instant sharing and collaborative working possibilities.

Option XYFI Media Sharing
Option XYFI Media Sharing

The XYFI can also be administered from a mobile device, ideal for administrators if the unit is being used standalone without a connection to a PC. The built-in administration web interface re-sizes automatically to display on Smartphone browsers, be it iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Option XYFI will be available via our global and EU online stores in the coming weeks:

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