The MiFi® Intelligent Mobile Hotspot Operating System

With the MiFi OS™ the MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot provides more than mobile connectivity alone. The MiFi OS offers a flexible, powerful platform to browse, install, update and develop applications and run them on the MiFi device. With the MiFi web interface users can access widgets, applications and files using any Wi-Fi enabled device, eliminating the need to install and maintain software on multiple products.

MiFi OS with applications
MiFi OS with Applications

With the MiFi OS, you can:

  • Customize and enhance your mobile experience.
  • Run applications on the MiFi OS without having to install software on each connecting Wi-Fi device.
  • Check your data usage in real time and see details about connected devices.
  • Send and receive text messages from any web browser using the MiFi device’s mobile broadband account.
  • Use the MiFi device’s GPS to get the local weather forecast or search nearby locations.
  • Seamlessly share media across multiple devices simultaneously using the MiFi DLNA® Server.
  • Access files both locally and on the cloud from any web enabled device.

Take advantage of key applications available on the MiFi OS:

  • AutoVPN – Provide secure VPN access to all connected devices without installation or configuration.
  • MiFi DLNA Server – Browse, stream and play movies, music and photos on any DLNA-compatible Wi-Fi device.
  • Data Usage – Proactively manage your broadband usage with current data usage statistics.
  • Connected Devices – See which devices are currently connected to the MiFi device.
  • SMS Messaging – Send and receive text messages from any browser-enabled device.
  • GeoSearch – Search near your current location for businesses, services, directions and more.
  • GeoWeather – See the current weather and forecast wherever you are or want to be.
  • File Sharing– Insert your microSD™ or microSDHC™ card into the MiFi device and share files securely across connected devices.

Novatel Wireless MiFi 3352, the latest intelligent wireless broadband mobile hotspot for HSPA networks from Novatel Wireless, comes with MiFi OS on board and is now available for worldwide shipping from Online Store of Multiplex Systems.

4 thoughts on “The MiFi® Intelligent Mobile Hotspot Operating System”

  1. How do I get the AutoVPN functionality into my Novatel MiFi 3352?
    Is there a new firmware that´s needed?


    1. Johan, here is the reply from Novatel Wireless:

      There is no auto-VPN commercial feature in MiFi3352, nor I’m aware of plans to support it in the visible future.

      1. Ok, but why are you (and Novatel) saying that. You on the bullets above and Novatel on their website. Where does the “AutoVPN”-functionality come from. Do they have another product that supports it? Or can I get hold of a non-commercial version of Auto-VPN for my MiFi3352?


        1. We posted information based on what Novatel announced. As they clarified AutoVPN is there, but it is disabled for individual customers and can be enabled for SMB deployments.

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