User guide for Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 with applications available

Novatel Wireless recently updated MiFi 2372 support section of their Web site with a link to a PDF called User Guide MiFi 2372 with Apps.

It provides a nice glimpse of upcoming changes to the MiFi 2372 Web UI which will become available after an upgrade to a much rumored MiFi OS.

Among the new things are:

MiFi 2372 Landing Page with Widgets
MiFi 2372 Landing Page with Widgets


Widgets will be little programs that provide you with useful information. For example, your MiFi device will be able to show you the weather where you are right now or anywhere in the world. Another example, a widget helping you track your data usage and visibly show how much data you have left.

MiFi Landing Page with Customizable Widgets

MiFi 2372 Landing Page Settings
MiFi 2372 Landing Page Settings

The Landing page will be a place where users will see and interact with widgets. They will be able to drag and drop widgets around the screen and arrange them as they like. The widget settings will be limited or not available to guest users.

Example landing page shown here features a Weather widget, a Data Usage widget, and a Geosearch widget. These widgets might or might not be part of the default MiFi Landing Page and are examples of typical widget types. Some widgets will use Internet data and require a connection to the Internet (such as Weather). Other widgets will get data from the device itself (such as Data Usage).

Landing Page Settings

MiFi 2372 Status Icons with GPS
MiFi 2372 Status Icons with GPS

Here you will be able to configure how often your widgets connect to the network and which widgets appear on the Landing page.

You will also be able configure who sees which widget. Guest users will be able to see only the widgets you decide they should see.

GPS Status Icon

GPS status icon will indicate whether the device has a GPS fix or not and also when the device is searching for a GPS fix.  This means that GPS is finally becoming available in Wi-Fi mode also.

It’s still unclear though, whether GPS will be available via CGI requests.

MiFi 2372 Software Update
MiFi 2372 Software Update

Software Update

Another welcome feature is the ability to update MiFi software via Web UI without a need for USB cable and drivers.

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